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Recent technological advances have given us the ability to cure all diseases, end death, war, and poverty; create an eternal youth vaccine; teleport ourselves from point A to B; develop resurrection technology; leave Earth safely in case of a "world-ending" emergency; and unleash unending prosperity worldwide.  We just don't realize it. 

These miracles can't happen without concentrating mind-bloggling technologies into an almighty-force that can be used to convert humanity into a super-race where babies are born with eternal life and anyone can commit painless suicide if they ever get tired of living.

Only Technology Factories can create the miracle technologies needed to quickly blast our world into the future far beyond our wildest imaginations.  It can take any problem known to man and create a custom technology to fix it.  Each problem solved leaps us over a piece time in the future.  Time that we would have eventually needed to spend to fix the problem.  

The heart and soul of each Technology Factory will be a "Programmable Technology Chip".  An entire worldwide industry will be developed around each Technology Factory and prosperity will spread across the world.

Many things led me to create the "Programmable Technology Chip" that will produce thousands of miracle technologies that will completely free and liberate the human race.

A high-speed Technology Factory operating 24/7 will create new technologies faster than a Ford assembly line makes automobiles.

Two or more technology factories working together in a matrix on separate goals but a common purpose is called a Technology Factory Group and will produce technologies 1,000 times faster and 100% more powerful than technologies created today.  We will store them in warehouses in the cloud.

The "god-like" powers of several Technology Factory Groups working in the same matrix configuration will rocket mankind centuries into the future in just 5 to 10 years.

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