Biological Teleportation



GOAL: So no one can be physically controlled against their will because everyone will have the ability to instantly teleport themselves to any place on Earth or to the endless number of private planets owned by family members or businesses. Instant worldwide or planetary travel.  

This membership guarantees a numerical position in line to purchase a "members only" subscription for a Telepathic Teleportation Connection that provides members the ability to physically teleport themselves from point A to point B anytime or anywhere on Earth, the universe, or the cosmos.

Plus enjoy the privilege to beta test, volunteer for trials, get employed, and purchase preliminary biological teleportation products as they roll off the factory floor.

INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING: The initial price of a membership is $250/year plus $25/month dues but these numbers can rise or fall at any time based on a combination of new member sign-ups and current members who resell their memberships to the highest bidder.

MEMBERSHIPS:  Are like stocks on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Prospective members can wait for the membership cost to drop and buy it cheaper or watch it increase to $1000 or more and miss an opportunity.

FIXED FEES FOR LIFE: Your annual membership fees and monthly dues will never increase from the original amount as long as you're the original owner of the account.

EQUITY & BENEFITS: The lowest numbered memberships will always be more valuable than high numbered memberships because lower numbers are always first in line for all product offers. The value of memberships rise and fall according to demand.

Daily Updates On The Latest In The Telepathic Super Artificially Intelligent Quantum Supercomputer Industry:

July 17, 2017:  Teleportation Is Now A Scientific Fact

July 18, 2017:  Scientists Shocked


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