Think of each membership as a new type of stock that offers many more benefits than equity and dividends.

Class A Memberships: Investor Members. $500/yr and $50/mo dues.

Class B Memberships: Members Only. $25/yr and $25/mo dues.

Investor members have all the privileges of a Class B member plus:

1. They can purchase specially priced packs of 100 serially numbered and embossed membership certificates to hold for future appreciation.

2. They can contact me to discuss an infinite array of mutually beneficial and flexible financial arrangements and business opportunities related to any Technology Factory.

3. They can purchase Exclusive Licensed Zip Code Territories worldwide.


1) Your membership legally entitles you to a numerical position in line to purchase the most advanced and exclusive technology in the world.

2) Only registered and certified members will have access to the vaccine in the numerical order they sign-up which will determine by the serial number printed on their membership certificate.

3) A registered and certified membership certificate with a unique serial number on paper suitable for framing will determine the order you're offered new technology products.

4) The time and date stamp of your membership payment will determine the order of the serial numbers printed on each membership certificate.

5) The registered serial number printed on your paper certificate will be certified with my signature and that number will never be duplicated.

6) Each paper membership certificate will be printed with your legal name, a registered serial number, and my unique digital signature of authenticity that will certify it as original.

7) Your membership certificate will be printed and sent to you via USPS or FedEx Overnight 30 days after your date of sign-up.

8) A PDF version will be emailed to you for digital storage.

9) Equity in your membership will increase automatically as people sign-up after you.  Higher numbers forces them in line behind you where they will wait longer for benefits.

10) The resale price of low numbered memberships will increase in value on the open market and then drive-up the price of remaining memberships.

11) Any future IPO stock offerings will be offered to Class A members in the order of the lowest serial number on membership certificates.

12) We will hold regular local monthly meetings around the world to get the best ideas and suggestions from everyone that will increase the resell value of memberships.

13) Class A members will have exclusive insider access to ground floor business, investment, other membership groups, and employment opportunities as Self Preservation Technology explodes in growth.

14)  Annual membership fees and monthly dues will never increase for original members.

15) Your membership includes a monthly Self Preservation Technology newsletter emailed on the first of each month.

16) Deloitte in San Francisco one of the nations top accounting firms will maintain all membership certificates while keeping your name confidential unless you submit a written order to sell and you want potential buyers to contact you.

17) Or we will sell your membership for you for a fee and we will sign legal documents that will to make sure everyone is in agreement and treated fair.

We will be larger than Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Exxon combined.

A $100 re-sell transfer fee will be paid by the buyer or seller to get a new membership certificate issued in the buyers name plus a $100 recording fee to record the new membership certificate with a third party CPA who will be the custodian of all memberships.

All technologies will be patented, licensed, and sold in mass to individual and business members first and then to non-members.

Spin-off technologies will be offered to members in the numerical order they signed-up.

Each membership is a negotiable instrument with numerical access to benefits in the order of sign-up. Memberships purchased first will have the most value and are projected to be worth $1,000,000 within 12 months because lower numbered memberships will be in demand more than memberships with higher numbers.

Class A members will enjoy the privilege to beta test, volunteer for trials, get employed, and purchase preliminary biological teleportation products as they roll off the factory floor.

MEMBERSHIPS: Are like stocks on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Prospective members can wait for the membership cost to drop and buy it cheaper or watch it increase to $1000 or more and miss an opportunity.

FIXED FEES FOR LIFE: Your annual membership fees and monthly dues will never increase from the original amount as long as you're the original owner of the account.

EQUITY & BENEFITS: The lowest numbered memberships will always be more valuable than high numbered memberships because lower numbers are always first in line for all product offers. The value of memberships rise and fall according to demand.